Betting Systems in Casino Gambling

betting systems

There are different betting systems and we have prepared for you an explanation of the most well-known betting systems. Every system or betting strategy is based on mathematical probability. Relying on this knowledge we can say that none of the described betting systems are working perfectly.

Casino Betting System Types

  1. Positive progressive system.

    A betting technique consists in increasing game bets within every win.

  2. Insurance system.

    This popular system advises to decrease your bets when you understand that odds aren't in your favor.

  3. Negative progressive system.

    This betting system is quite unsafe, because it requires unlimited bankroll. Negative progressive system consists in raising bets in the situation when you lose.

The Most Famous Systems

Gambling fallacy system is risky and unsafe. This betting system gives a wrong idea of appearing the necessary cards after the series of unsuccessful events and incorrectly predicts the future ones.

Martingale system is commonly used in Craps or Roulette games. The main goal of this online casino system is to make you double your bets when you have already lost - in order to win money in the next session and cover all the previous losses. Well, most probably situation is that you will lose the nest round too and all the doubled money.

Paroli System consists in increasing bets after you have win at some round.

D'Alembert System is similar to the Martingale betting system. It requires the player to increase bets after a loss and decrease them after a win.


However, all the betting systems are useless in their attempts to gain the advantage over the house. And sometimes they can even spoil the whole game. You must learn that a short-run term games won't be beat by the described systems. Only at a long-run casino games you can expect that the amount of loses to the amount of money bet will might be favorable.

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