Blackjack Tips

Hit or Stand

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Depending on which face cards are being shown by the player and the dealer, there are times when the player should hit and times when the player should stand. Now, the greatest way to make the right decision would be to recognize these scenarios and to take the dealer's face-up card into consideration before anything else.

Double or Split

  • Doubling happens to be a great way to make capital on a great hand or on the bust of a dealer. Basically, if there is a high chance that the player is going to be close to 21 or the dealer is going to bust, it would be common for players to double. The following doubling tips are based on more cards with a value of 10 existing inside the deck compared to other cards. If the player gets a 9, a 10, or an 11, there are high chances of the hit card becoming a 10, thus making their hand edge closer to 21. On that same note, the up card of the dealer might give him higher chances to bust and thus give doubling greater potential, regardless of what the player's total value may be.

To make things simpler, unlike deciding whether to stand or hit by taking the up card of the dealer into consideration first, the player has to learn how to recognize whether their hand needs doubling first. If so, the player should then look at the opposing hand before following with a double. When it comes to hard hands, however, you should know that players should only double on hands that total a 9, an 11 or a 19.

  • Splits are only smart when particular odds apply, though. The first set of odds, or event probabilities, would be if the player gets a pair in the beginning. Without a pair, the hand can't be split, after all. However, just because the player gets a pair doesn't necessarily mean that he has to split his hand each time. Another thing that will shape the overall advantage of a split is the hand of the dealer. Keep in mind that a lot is to be determined regarding the chances of a dealer bust or reaching close to 21 just by looking at the up card of the dealer.

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