Online Casino Guide

Above all things, keep in mind that gaming will satisfy you more if you get to pick the perfect casino for you, as this can eliminated any unnecessary stress that untrustworthy websites of online gambling may bring about. If you are a beginner to online casinos, here is the best fast-track guide out there to help you out.

Downloading Casinos

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  • Downloading online casinos is very simple.
  • Visit your choice of casino and click on the button that says 'Download Now'.
  • A screen will pop up, asking you whether you would like to save or run the file. Choose "Run".
  • It will then ask you whether you want the software to run. Press "Run" again.
  • Then, you will have to read the License Agreement and check it before continuing.

Several casinos are going to ask if you would like to practice playing or play for actual money. If you want to choose the latter option, you will have to register an account during the download of the casino, though. Conversely, if you would like to play free of charge, you can just choose to upgrade to the actual money version later on.

Free Cash Bonuses

By joining a recommended casino, you can get free cash bonuses! After completing the fast casino download, just open up the casino software on your desktop and after it opens, look for the button that says 'bonus'. To activate it, just click on it. The majority of casinos offer up big bonus icons that say things like "Click to Get Free Bonuses" or "Begin the Free Play", too.

After enjoying your free sessions of bonuses, and after hopefully improving your bankroll, you can choose to make cash deposits to your personal account. Brand new players have to pick a suitable banking option, like e-wallet, a debit or credit card, bank transfers, prepaid cards and online banking. Just follow the prompts on the screen to pick which method of payment you want to use for your deposit. After the transfer has been accepted, you can then visit the casino to make bets. A lot of casinos will even reward two initial deposits that have match bonuses well worth a ton of credits.

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