Roulette Tips

Unlike blackjack and poker, roulette refers to a game of luck instead of a mixture of luck and skill. Naturally, it would help for you to know the different bets and rules, and payoffs and players odds, but luck still plays the most important role for the results overall.

What Counts?


Before looking at more specific tips and tricks, it would be vital to learn which factors count when it comes to counting your luck:

  • Everyone has cold days and hot days. If luck is on your side, luck will be with you all the way to the table. On the other hand, off days will have luck heading towards the table. Therefore, mental attitude would always be vital whenever an establishment of gaming is entered.
  • By knowing when to stop and cut off your losses in order to keep every winning, you will have higher chances of reaching positive results overall.

The Tricks and Tips

  • Use fewer spins in order to get more money.
  • In a statistical sense, previous results cannot indicate the future results. Each spin will hold the same probability for a result, but if you believe that old results can indicate potential future results, bet as you will through streaks. Just keep in mind that, in the long run, probability still wins.
  • If you find yourself on losing streaks, get smaller chip denominations and play several spins this way: choose a center column number and paint that number's corners. For instance, you can choose 29 black. Put a bet on every corner around 29 and put more on 00 and 0. That will be five chips for eleven numbers, which will give you time to breathe for a while without losing too much money.
  • Bets on five numbers never make sense as they merely give the casino an incredible edge of 7.89%. Would you like to give the casino an extra l 2.63% advantage for nothing?
  • Are you a double-zero or single-zero roulette player? The player odds happen to be much better on wheels with a single zero.
  • With the rule of surrendering, players get odds that are a bit better overall, so find games that have this rule on offer.
  • Look for tables that have the rule of 'en prison', as well, since this rule will reduce the casino advantage by 50% when it comes to bets on even money.

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