Sticky Bonus

Sticky bonuses are those where they are only for play and cannot be cashed in. Their name may differ from one online casino to the next, but they are generally called "sticky bonuses" and "play bonuses" and aren't the same as cashable bonuses, although a similar betting requirement to that of cashable bonuses does exist. These betting requirements will need to be met prior to cashing out. After cashing out, the entire bonus will then be taken from your personal account.

Here is an example: if you put $100 in and get a bonus of $200, you will start off with $300. But if you end up having $700 in total when withdrawing, you will only be able to take out $500, while the $200 stays away from your personal account.

Those are the sticky bonus basics. Pay attention: whenever you play $1 or $2 per hand, you have to get very lucky in order to win money. Also pay attention that playing to break even; nothing will even come close to the casino's cashable bonuses. Therefore, in order to make actual money on casinos with sticky bonuses, you have to make bigger bets.

Also pay attention that if you have $200 in the example after the betting requirements are accomplished, you won't actually have anything and if you try to get money out, you're going to end up losing the entire casino bonus while ending up with nothing. Therefore, these bonuses should only be played for busts or big wins.

Two Most Popular Strategies

sticky bonus
  1. Bet everything or 50% on a single hand, and grind things out after winning. In the example, you may have bet $300 on a single war hand or 40% on a blackjack hand (so you can have the option to double or split). Losing will mean things are over for you, but winning means that you will end up with $500 while grinding things out with bets of $5. Pay attention that winning 1/3 of these games will make you profit. If you are exceptional at math, you will definitely love this method.
  2. Bet 1/5 to 1/7 of the chip amount that you have on each hand. Therefore, if you hold $300, you should bet $60. Losing will leave you with $240, with which you should bet $50. Winning will mean you get $360 in total and you should then bet $70 next. Keep doing this until you reach the WR for reevaluation. This strategy tends to succeed most of the time.

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